The Executive Coaching Consultancy

Helping employers understand how to tap into the talent pool of return-to-work mothers.

Bringing return-to-work mothers back into the workplace is critical to overcoming the gender diversity deficit in UK businesses.

The problem is many organisations are still not taking meaningful action on the issue, either because they have yet to grasp its importance or they don’t know how to approach it.

With 25 years’ experience of coaching women and supporting the maternity transition, ECC has unique insight into the steps employers can take put in place the right support for return-to-work mothers.

We help ECC stand out for its knowledge of the issues and potential solutions among prospective buyers.

We curate content around the issue of gender diversity which we share with contacts and prospects. Our annual campaigns focussing on the expectations of Gen Y Women in Law, Returnships, and Gen Y Men in Law provide a platform for new business and media campaigns.

We also ensure ECC experts contribute to media debate around the importance of gender diversity in business performance through the national and professional press.